HOT GIST - Naija Ladies Are Too S*xy To Go Nude


  I agree with her on this because most of the ladies who go nude or act s*x scenes in American movies are lepas who do not have the kind of big oranges and ikebe that some of our actresses carry here.

Just imagine if someone like Anita Joseph or Halima Abubakar should go nude or have raw s*x scene in a movie as is done in American movie, it will be something else. Badder than the baddest...

Patience Erdoo Yisa is fresh in the Nigerian movie industry and has only started acting last year December. Prior to becoming an actress, she was in the spotlight for winning Miss Glo Rock and Rule and also for being Miss Culture and Tourism Benue State in 2013.

In this interview with Vanguard, she talks about her career, life and more:

  • What are you up to now?
Right now I’m doing a movie titled ‘The Misery Lane’; it’s a horror movie and it’s a two- man cast with Yvonne Jegede and I. It’s a movie about a girl who on her way from a party got an accident and she needed a place to pass the night because she wasn’t close to her house before the accident happened

  • Horror film with zombies and ghosts?
Yeah, stuffs like that. I’m Yvonne Jegede’s twin sister and those zombies you talked about, they came through me and they were tormenting her in a room. She saw a house and she tried to enter inside with intention of resting till tomorrow. I came tormenting her and after everything, she found out that it was just a dream and it was on her birthday. It’s a very nice movie

How has life been so far in Nollywood?

It’s been great; I keep telling people that I’m very lucky in Nollywood. When I came in, I asked questions and so many people kept telling me they’ve been in Nollywood for five years, six years. I was really shocked because It must be very tough if they have been in the industry for five-six years and I haven’t heard their names. I’m here less than six months and I’ve really done very good movies. I really thank God, he’s treating me very well
  • Did you always want to be an actress? I love to entertain but I never knew I was going to be an actress. Last two years I never thought of being an actress, I started thinking about being an actress last year while I was serving (NYSC).

  • What is that one thing producers always look out for when they see an actress?
It varies from producers to producers and it depends on the script. Sometimes the looks matter, If you look the way they want. You might not really be delivering the lines but your looks may get you the role. They would tell you your looks fit in with the picture and before you know it you are given the role. But that does not mean you have to fluff your lines. The looks can get you started but it is your ability to interpret the roles that will see you through.

  • Can you wear a bikini or go nude in a movie?
I can wear a bikini but I can’t go completely n*ked on set.

  • But you can wear something provocative?
To me, I don’t think a bikini should be provocative, a bikini is like normal beachwear; it is we that see it as something so big. I’ve watched so many foreign movies where you see them when they are dressing up but we cannot do it here because we tend to be very fleshy and more so, we’re hotter than them.

If a Nigerian actress were to go nude, it would cause a lot of commotion because we have this hot body that they don’t have. Imagine Mercy Johnson and Angelina Jolie in bikinis, who would you be looking at? We don’t necessarily need to show off all that much to look as hot as they want it to be like in our movies.

  • Can you do something s*xy in a movie?
I have a very good body so it would be a very great thing to flaunt it. I can be very s*xy in a movie.

  • Are you currently in any relationship?
No, I’m not in a relationship now.   


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